What do you want to see at the 37th ICPE?

By Melissa Kauffman posted 10-21-2020 11:16


ISPE is planning the 37th ICPE meeting and we want your suggestions for plenary and hot topic speakers.
Examples of previous submissions

We strive to provide the topics and content that are most important to you. Please click on the link provided above to provide your suggestions.
KEYNOTE (Day 1 – 90 minutes)
PLENARY (Day 2 – 90 minutes)
HOT TOPIC (Day 3 – 90 minutes)
All presentations should be of broad interest across the ISPE constituencies and provide comprehensive perspectives that are historical, forward-thinking, and/or offer applicable insights from other fields of study. Each session should be engaging and provoke lively discussion for the purpose of advancing the field.
The sessions are distinguished as follows:
Keynote: Typically a single, highly visible and accomplished speaker, who can draw a large audience. 
Plenary: Typically 3-4 speakers for a topic of broad interest.
Hot Topic: Typically 3-4 speakers for a particularly timely or controversial topic. 
This survey will close on November 13, 2020.