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RWE Collaborative Call for Volunteers and Next Meeting!

  • 1.  RWE Collaborative Call for Volunteers and Next Meeting!

    Posted 01-10-2023 09:38

    Good morning RWE Collaborative,

    Happy 2023!

    Thank you for joining our 1st meeting, we appreciate the enthusiasm for our new collaborative! Please find a brief review of the meeting which focused on organization of ideas alongside a call for volunteers 😊

    Review of the ISPE RWE Collaborative SIG Objectives 

    • To provide an interactive global forum to discuss RWE
    • To enhance knowledge sharing between members across academia, government, service providers and pharmaceutical industries
    • To maintain a current reference of methodologies used for RWE generation
    • To facilitate collaborative development of new designs and methods for RWE generation aligned with pharmacoepidemiologic principles


    To meet these objectives, we plan to host SIG meetings regularly and establish a structure with a leadership team for coordination with ISPE and more globally. The next meeting is on Jan 25th at 9:30 am EST, please email Montse at if you would like an invite.

    Call for Volunteers

    Leadership Team

    Collaborative current leadership includes the Chair, Vice Chair, and Immediate Past Chair.

    We would also like to ask for a volunteer for each of the following roles to join the leadership team:

    • ISPE Internal Collaboration Lead (SIG/RIG/Committee coordination)
    • Publications and Education Coordination Lead


    Specific Activity Based Roles

    o             Guidance Response Coordination (please email Montse directly if interested) 

    o             Emerging Health Issues (landscape analysis for future needs and collaborations)

    o             Get Real Liaison (likely EU based)

    o             New: Duke-Margolis RWE Collaborative is launching new groups (must be a FISPE)

    1. The Role of RWE in Accelerated Approvals and Coverage with Evidence
    2. Leveraging RWE to Determine Causal Inference


    Please email your interest in any of the following volunteer opportunities, and we welcome early career participation!

    Thank you for the active discussion!

       Donna and Montse 

    Donna Rivera, PharmD., MSc., FISPE