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The structure of a fiction book report

 As with all types of essays, there is a fiction book report structure unique to this type of writing. It is comprised of the following elements.

Title page

This is a basic page required of most types of essay writing. Here, you give your report a title, and provide other relevant information such as your name, course name, and course instructor.


In your introduction, you will give a brief biography of the author of the book, why you chose the book you did, use some philosophy help and provide a bit of background information on the book.

Characters and Settings

This is where you summarize and analyze the details of the book. You describe characters and the roles they play in the book. This is a great place to use information from the book to provide a succinct description of the major players in the book.

Plot Summary

Here you give a basic overview of the “point” of the book. You give a basic synopsis of the plot, important situations, and themes.


This is the “meat” of your report. Here you analyze the characters, setting and plot and discuss how they get the overall message of the book across.


In this portion of your book report, you will briefly summarize the main points in your report. It is here that you also discuss whether or not you would recommend this book to others, as well as your reasoning for why or why not.


If you used any material outside of the book you are reporting on, here is where you list off all the other sources of information used in your book report.


Tips on writing a fiction book report

Quotes from the book are also a great way to illustrate your understanding of the message the author is trying to get across. Keep an eye out for relevant and important quotes that can be used to strengthen the quality of your fiction book report. It is advised, however, to use quotes sparingly so they carry a bit more weight than a report overloaded with a bunch of irrelevant quotes.

Create an outline so as to ensure you touch on all main points in your analysis. Also, remember that this is a book report, not a review or summary. That means you need to keep your summary brief and to the point. Only provide information needed to get the message of the book across to those reading your report.


Fiction book report writing is a different beast than most other types of college-level report writing. You are required to synthesize an idea, rather than just summarizing and describing it. You are tasked with figuring out what the author was trying to get across in writing the book, and how the different elements come together to make that possible. While it may seem daunting at first, with a solid plan of action and a good understanding of what is expected of you, writing a fiction book report isn’t so scary after all.

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