Brian Sauer, PhD, MSc

Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development

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Veterans Affairs Health Services Research and Development


I am an Associate Professor in the Division of Epidemiology at the University of Utah, and core investigator at the Salt Lake City Veterans Affairs (VA) IDEAS COIN. My research utilizes large clinical and administrative databases for adverse drug event surveillance and observational comparative effectiveness research. I am knowledgeable of electronic health data resources and have 15 years of experience working with VA and other administrative and clinical databases.

My research interests include pharmacoepidemiology, comparative effectiveness research, medical informatics, and causal inference. My academic interest is in studying and improving the research process. My academic work is centered on the development and use of informatics tools to improve workflow management and collaborative science.  

My applied research involves collaborations with rheumatology, oncology, orthopedic surgery, nephrology, infectious disease epidemiology, and opioid use disorder. 

Our research group (VERITAS) is responsible for designing and developing the architecture, workflow management tools, methodology and point-of-care decision support for two large disease registries in the VA: VA Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry and a NIDA funded VA Opioid Use Disorder Registry. 

Over the past few years, I have worked closely with local and national clinical programs to standardize the way certain aspects of care are documented in the electronic health record. The use of standardized documentation allows us to reliably use text processing methods to automatically extract these data to use for research and point-of-care decision support technology. 


Primary Appointments/Roles:

1. Core Investigator at SLC Veterans Affairs Medical Center
2. Tenured Associate Professor Division of Epidemiology, Internal Medicine, University Utah
3. Director of the SLC VA Advanced Informatics Fellowship
4. Director of SLC VERITAS Research

I also hold adjunct faculty appointments in the following departments:

1. Biomedical Informatics, School of Medicine

2. Population Health Sciences, School of Medicine

3. Pharmacotherapy, College Pharmacy

4. Division Public Health, Department of Family Practice & Medicine