Omid Beiki, MD, PhD, MSc

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The Karolinska Institute/Cognizant Technology Solutions


Professional Profile

A focused, dedicated and diligent Research Scientist with a proven track record in the evaluation and analysis of real-world data (population health and epidemiological data) in academy and pharma/consulting industry. Demonstrates exemplary research, information gathering, interviewing and data analysis capabilities, as well as exceptional project management and leadership skills. Possesses the communication and presentation skills to translate data into deliverable information, creating accessible and concise research reports and studies to a wide range of stakeholders and audiences. Brings a medical background and advanced academic training, as well as in-depth experience with secondary analysis of large and complex databases including Swedish national health registers.

Key Skill Areas

  • More than 15 years’ experience from real world evidence in academy and pharma/consulting industry (6 years) with an extensive experience in working with Swedish national and clinical registries
  • Producing and submitting proposals based on client RFPs and supporting information with minimal support
  • Expert in quantitative research in epidemiology, and health outcomes research based on longitudinal data in clinical, health and social and demographic information registers
  • Develops, implements, and monitors epidemiology and risk management strategy of one or several drugs
  • Leads the discussion and implementation of modern and innovative epidemiology approaches to robustly evaluate the safety and the benefit-risk profile of a drug based on data from literature and non-interventional studies in a pro-active manner
  • Designs, conducts, analyses, interprets, and reports simple and complex epidemiological studies
  • Epidemiologist responsible for the epidemiological sections of documents for the Health Authorities, including but not restricted to product submissions, ODA, Health Authority requests, RMPs, Safety Update reports, Labeling documents, Safety Profiling Plans, RiskMAPs, and Expert Statements
  • Generates systematic reviews using best practice methodologies to evaluate published evidence, and provide commentaries on manuscripts and publications of epidemiological studies
  • Assessing research goals and evaluating best practices in the development and implementation of research projects across a range of health-assessment based criteria
  • Coordinating the activities of research staff throughout the development and analysis of research data
  • Providing leadership and oversight for groups of research scientists and associated staff across a range of epidemiology and biostatistics projects
  • Managing budgetary planning, resource allocation and stakeholder management for departmental research projects
  • Developing and implementing strategic planning processes for research projects, ensuring alignment with overall research priorities
  • Designing and implementing of hospital-based cancer registration studies in collaboration with referral hospitals
  • Delivering presentations to scientific conferences and public institutions
  • Conducting statistical analysis using SAS, STATA, and SPSS

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