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Tips to Make your College Essay Interesting 

Writing essays is a part of every academic level. Either you are a school or a college student, your instructors want you to write essays to analyze your ability to write and perceive different things. 

Boring and monotonous write my essay are a mood killer. You always want to achieve good grades but because you lack writing skills, you will always get grades below your expectations. 

To make your college essay interesting and amusing, follow the tips shared by professionals and get exceptional grades in your academics.




Grab Your Reader - Grab your reader’s attention from the first paragraph. If you want your readers to stay glued to your essay then make the introduction interesting by adding a hook. A hook can be a quotation, phrase, a question, or just a funny statement. NOTE: not every topic is to be introduced in a joke. Serious issues must start in a serious write essay for me.

You should be a real person - Readers will not relate to authors or someone who is not being interactive to them. Have feelings and emotions to which readers can better relate and get convinced of the argument you made in the essay.

Be interesting - Boring and monotonous essay, tone, and vocabulary will make your readers lose interest. If we want your essay to be well-received and well-read, then be unique and interesting in writing style and tone. 

Correction - proofread your essay at least thrice. Get rid of the mistakes and errors related to grammar, punctuation, syntax, citation, and font. Make your essay readable by paying extra attention to the font and writing style. 

Present a different angle - People perceive things in a specific manner. If addressing a very generic issue, come up with a different angle of portraying it. Provide food for thought for every individual that reads your essay.

Logic - Be clear and logical enough to convince and do my paper. You can only win people by logic and facts. Do not add irrelevant and inappropriate information. 

The last Impression - Leave an impression on your audience. Make them striving for more of your work. Provide quality and food for thought. 


You can apply these basic tips in every essay writing to make it interesting and exceptional. If you are still confused then take expert’s help in your ‘5StarEssays

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