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5 essay writing tips to improve your essays writing

Many essay writers find themselves unable to improve in their essay writing. The essays that they submit are given good grades by their instructor and the usual positive feedback. In such a situation there usually is no motivation to improve upon the paper writing service, but there are those who want to advance their essay skills and are not happy to be in the lax comfortable zone. 

There are also those who fall behind in their essay writing process and don’t put in the effort to improve their essay writing. They end up seeking help from a free essay writer to help them in their essays. Taking outside help becomes part of their routine eventually and they fail to advance their essay writing.

Both kinds of students can take help from various expert advice available from other essay writers and instructors.

Schedule your essay

Scheduling is important as often writers find themselves spending more time on one part, leaving little for others. All the main parts of the essay from the brainstorming up until proofreading are important and so they should be allocated separate times. 

Another advantage of scheduling is that it allows you to move quickly from the drafts to the review edit phase and doesn’t allow us to get stuck in the writing process.

Coming up with the original idea

Your essay should provide the reader with something new to read, with novel ideas and arguments. It helps you to be critical with the content of the essay subject. During the research, taking notes, and brainstorming. Asking questions off of the research that you find and challenging the established content will allow you to think differently.

Try to brainstorm ahead of your in-depth research writing as it allows you to capture the ideas and points from your mind without getting influenced by others’ ideas that you come across in research.

Learn to write in the formal style

In essays, keeping your writing formal is very important. There are three things that you think about in this domain:

  • Keeping an objective tone

The objectivity in your writing will come from removing the biases from your writing and thinking. It is at times difficult to be our own critique, so it does us good to have someone else peer review our essay. You should also stray away from the first-person voice as it naturally brings ‘what you think’ into the writing. 

  • Avoiding informal words and phrases

Informal words and phrases are those that we use in our day to day conversation. The colloquial language should be avoided in the essay. Shortened words and phrases such as contractions should be avoided and informal words and phrases such as ‘totally’, ‘as soon as possible’, ‘Other than that’, etc. should be avoided too.

Use specialized vocabulary

It shows off your research and your commitment to the essay if the reader (especially an expert reader) comes across the subject related vocabulary in the essay. There are several words and phrases that take a different shape in each of the subjects and disciplines. So make sure to demonstrate your knowledge of them. Moreover, they will also help you get across complex ideas and points easily.

Take help from the feedback

The feedback in your writing shouldn’t be ignored or brushed aside. Top writers yearn for the feedback as they want to know what they did wrong and what they do instead in there write my paper. Being open to criticism is the best way to improve your essay.

You can also take the opportunity to discuss the feedback with your instructor who will be happy to discuss your essay performance with you.