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How to Select an Informative Topic for Your Differentiate and Contrast Essay?

Compare and contrast essays are written to draw differences and similarities between the two subjects, events, ideas, or just phenomenons. A good compare and contrast essay not just focuses on the differences and similarities of a subject, but also carries an argument that analyzes deeply the subject chosen. 

Generally, the topic of the write my essay is given by the instructors but if not then congratulations you are free as a bird and can choose anything that interests you. But, choosing a topic requires time and effort. 

Have you ever read something that had a very monotonous and dry topic? No. Nobody does. The topic grabs the attention of your audience. The trick is to choose topics that interest everyone in general. 

While selecting a topic to ask yourself a few questions:

  1. Are you excited about the topic you chose?
  2. Do you think the selected subject or event is interesting enough?
  3. What do you know about the subject and event?
  4. Is the information easily available?
  5. Does it inspire you?

Once you have answers to all your questions, start your custom essay. Keep in mind that the research you are doing is to find the maximum shreds of evidence to support your topic.  

We have shared some interesting and catchy topics that are general and liked by everyone:

  1. Movies VS Books
  2. Android VS iPhone 
  3. Public VS Private (Schools, colleges, or universities)
  4. Korean and American Concept of Beauty
  5. Seasons VS Movies 
  6. Coke VS Pepsi
  7. Effects of Coffee and Tea
  8. Urban VS Rural Areas
  9. How Feeling Sad is Different From Feeling Lonely
  10. Childhood VS Adulthood
  11. Traditional Commerce VS Online
  12. Real-Life Relationships VS online Dating
  13.  Comedy VS Drama
  14. Roman Mythology VS Greek
  15.  Oven VS Microwave 
  16. Football VS Soccer
  17.  Obesity or Anorexia Nervosa - Which is more dangerous?
  18.  Tsunami or Earthquake - Whose Consequences are the Worst? 
  19.  Life and Death - Philosophical Views
  20.  Mental and Physical Needs of a Human Being. 

If you are worried about writing a buy essay online, any type, always choose to take expert’s help and guide. Make you compare and contrast essay and all other essays winning. 

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